Professional Restaurant Food Suppliers In Sydney

Today, independent restaurants are struggling in the face of continually emerging tough competition. To keep ahead of the pack, you’ve got to be flexible, offer exceptionally tasting dishes, innovate continuously, and stay in close touch with your customers. Food Estate can help you every step of the way by offering exclusive brands of restaurant-quality food service products and supplies in Sydney.

We specialize in organic, preservative-free produce, and also provide pasta, cheese, desserts, and Field to Fork ideas from around Australia. We also supply fresh seafood, meat & poultry, dairy products, cheeses, and fruits, apart from a variety of chocolates, condiments, flour/rice/cous cous/pasta, grains/seeds/pulses, jams, nuts, oils, sauces, herbs/spices, sugars, vinegar, beverages, biscuits/bread/tortilla/pastry, tart shells, beans, sauces, antipasto, etc.

We can help you in the world of catering and food by educating you with the current and emerging food trends and assisting you with sourcing high quality, niche products for a menu change!
We create food solutions, achieve tangible results for your business and deliver quality on a daily basis! Building mutually beneficial business relationships and going beyond our duty to provide superior customer service is what we are the best at!

Find all the products that we offer listed on this website, or come and visit us in our warehouse to find some refreshing, unique inspiration!