Dads day gift ideas…. Cheese that smells like a three week old footy sock?

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21 - Aug - 2015

     Food Estate blog 3 - shot 17

Man flu is around and it appears that some of the dads are being a ….. in the butt. How about dropping in to Food Estate for a gift that best suits him!

Food Estate blog 3 - shot 18              Food Estate blog 3 - shot 5

Now you have worked out what his personality type is ( while in the middle of man flu) we need to match that saucy man with meat!!

Food Estate blog 3 - shot 2

Is he a pulled pork man with a smack of La Morena chipotle?



Is he a pulled beef man with a touch of Sweet Baby Ray?



Then there is the Wurst dad of all dads! Smokey Frankfurt’s Swiss bratwurst Nuremberger? Is he a Kransky pants? Or is he just a downright knuckle head..

Wurst is not what you think. Check out the blogging chef

Now the cheese your dad likes really lets us know how tough he is… Can he handle the stench of Millawa washed rind ? Seriously made for the man that likes his cheese smelling like a three week old footy sock left in the bottom of his bag…..


Is he the chunky cheddar man? This cloth bound aged cheddar from Vermont in the USA is not for burgers but for straight ol eating..


Last of all is the sensitive dad that is a brie man all over.. that’s right, soft, creamy and life of the party as everyone goes to him first!! This type of dad is definitely the “I have man flu, doesn’t anyone care? Bloke



Special!  Is dad a chip off the old block? Chocolate 5kg block for $20

Answer the big Question!! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR DAD. What is his favourite cheese? Come into the shop with the answer and receive free gift with $100 spent

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