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05 - Aug - 2015


When I say the word Wurst, does Conchita from Eurovision schmaeke (German for taste) you in the face OR does a Wurst made in Sydney by Germans for Aussies come to mind?

Available now are the most ridgy didge Deutche (German) bespoke continental range of smallgoods from a state of the art 5,300 square metre food production centre. Hanseatic Fine Foods, was opened on 8 October 2012. As part of their expansion a bakery, patisserie and complete small goods production line were added to the mix and for the “Food Estate “tribe means Sehr Gut!!! Wunerbar! (In translation …. You little beauty!!)

We have now weekly fresh deliveries of the following lines:

Veal Bratwurst, Frankfurter, Thuringer, Cheese Kransky, Swiss Bratwurst and Nurnberger, these specially made sausages are all gluten free, with no artificial colours. These little beauties are what you would pay $2000 for air flights to taste.

The German WURST is the 6th food group not known by all

A food group in its own right, the German sausage has a rich and interesting history. Once a means of survival in cruel German winters, the sausage was created as a way to use every part of the animal. Not surprisingly, the pig is a German good luck symbol, and before it became simply a delicious meal option, the sausage was used as a way of preserving (and enjoying) “all but the tail and the oink

In 2014 Hanseatic Fine Foods won 1 Gold, 6 Silver & 3 Bronze Medals for a range of our products including a number of our sausages competition.

What goes with Wurst?



Available in the range is Spätzle (homemade Austrian egg noodle).

Add a mixture of grated Gruyere, Emmentaler, onions, salt, and pepper to freshly cooked Spätzle. Pan fry in butter and top with fried onions and Jetzt (now) you’re ready to go.

Also available are 900g pre-cooked pork knuckles ready to be cooked in your oven with a crunchy , salty crackling that screams for a beer! Roesti potatoes in packs of 10 are ready to heat and serve also.

*Free Sauerkraut with every kg of German sausages purchased*


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