21 - Jul - 2015


I am a chef raised in Melbourne Australia, that worked my way through hatted restaurants and then of to Europe to see what havoc I could raise!! Great experience was had and many things learnt. Returned to Sydney to try cooking in another place, found the love of my life (no… not a restaurant, but my wife!!) Since then, I have lived here on the northern beaches of Sydney.

I ventured into catering and events, which was an eye opener to say the least. 12 years later I jumped into the sales game working for some major food companies and importers selling many things form cheese to seafood and most other things that a chef needs. I’ve been part of many festivals like The Noosa Food and ine Festival along with several consultancy roles with franchises like Pie Face and the old 80’s style franchise “Black Stump”

I now own a chefs shed full of good gear to keep the chef busy and the home chef on their toes. Food Estate was opened May 2014 and is moving forward as a way and means for me to bring the life of a chef and the restaurant owner for all to see. Servicing the beaches and surrounds will open many opportunities for you to take the ride and learn the Chefs way!!

Here is something to wet your appetite…

Full range of Arancini Art products in 1kg bags. These little babies are ready for eating and are made from nothing but authentic Italian products




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3 thoughts on “WHY THE BLOGGING CHEF!!!

  1. Gemma says:

    What a great place, I will definitely be there for all my party food supplies and love the expert advice from the chef James.

  2. David says:

    This is great

  3. Hotly Spiced says:

    A fantastic inaugural blog post! You have had so many wonderful jobs in the food industry and it’s great you now have a store you are so passionate about. I love Food Estate and must beetle down to stock up on all the produce that’s so well sourced xx

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